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Social media archiving matters

If you engage through social media channels, social media archiving should be a mandatory part of your social media policies.

All your data, in one place.

As soon as you connect, Brolly goes to work collecting historical and real-time content so you don’t have to. Keep all your content in one place with 24/7 social media records management. Brolly makes it easy to export records, is locally supported and a delight to use. We provide social media archiving tools for government. We provide social media archiving tools for education. We actually provide social media archiving tools that suit every industry.

A single comprehensive solution

We created Brolly to ethically capture, record and protect your conversations, providing organisations peace-of-mind and ensuring public transparency.

Save Every Conversation

When recording social conversations, context is king. Brolly preserves the moment in real time, collecting every conversation so that you can see the complete story.

Exports Made Easy

With all your social interaction in one place, social records management is one click away.

Effortless Archival

Connecting your social accounts to Brolly is as easy as signing in. No more screenshots and spreadsheets. We start collecting your content straight away and keep it updated when any edits are made.

Media Retrieval

Images and video are vital to dynamic social content. Brolly collects and stores high resolution media, enabling you to save, export and playback.

Powerful Search and Discovery

All of your social content in one secure, searchable location. Browse recent activity or search by date range or keywords for older conversations, campaigns or content.

Hyperlink Capture

We know websites change, so we capture the content as it looked when it was hyperlinked.

Organisations covered by Brolly

We know that making compliant social media records is a challenge for many organisations, which is why we've created a secure, easy to use solution. Brolly is hosted on Australian servers and supported locally 24/7, so you always have access. You can rest assured that no matter the nature of your business, Brolly has you covered.

Corporation and organisations

Banking and financial services

Government Departments and agencies

Information media and telecommunications industry

Utilities and services sector

Education and higher learning

Retailers sector

Healthcare, community services and insurers

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