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Creating Compliant Social Media Strategy

Creating Compliant Social Media Strategy

Having a social media strategy ensures you have set outcomes for your engagement and gives meaning to your social media presence.


What makes a good social media strategy?
Every social media strategy should be based on the following pillars:

  • Style guide – know your voice
  • Know your audience – who are you trying to connect with?
  • Create and share relevant quality content
  • Listen and engage with your audience
  • Analyse metrics and continue to improve
  • Have a social media record management process

Compliance – the missing piece
Many social media strategies focus on increasing social media engagement and reach, but don’t include a records management process.

Many organisations’ incorporate record management into their strategy by taking screenshots or copy-pasting content from social networks. Unfortunately, this process is not compliant as it doesn’t provide the full context required (meaning the record does not include links or comments).

In a survey taken at the Social Media in government conference in April this year – 70% of responders said they recorded their social media engagement on an ad-hoc basis or not at all.

80% of responders said they believed that their data was adequately recorded in the native applications (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Unfortunately, these applications are under no duty to record data to meet Australian compliance standards and the data availability is reliant on the application, meaning it can be deleted at their discretion.

Why record social media?
In case you needed prompting, under the Archives Act 1983 government organisations’ are required to maintain records of business-related activities, this includes social media.

Recordkeeping is a core part of ensuring transparency for regulated organisations’ and many public services have legal obligations to keep customer data for a specified timeframe. To ensure your organisation is compliant, your social media strategy should include a record management process.

Social Media as a Digital Record
The National Archives Australia has identified three components of social media records management that you need to consider when creating a strategy: create, capture and describe. When considering social media as a digital record – you must be able to find it, open it, work and trust it.

We realise that capturing social media records correctly is a problem for many organisations as manually recording records can drain resources and is labour intensive. We created Brolly to solve the problem for you, Brolly ensures complete record capture 24/7.