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How to make sure your Facebook page is compliant

How to make sure your Facebook page is compliant

At Brolly, we understand how important it is that your social media channels comply with legislation, terms and conditions. It takes a long time to build a dedicated audience, not to mention the content you’ve created, and it would be devastating to see your page or content removed. We’ve put together some tips to avoid violating Facebook’s terms and conditions and to preserve your social media engagement long term.

Tips to set up a compliant Facebook page:

Make sure your Facebook page is named correctly and the Facebook web address is consistent.

You must comply with the Facebook Page Terms:

  • have a privacy policy (this is a legal requirement in many countries)
  • ensure any promotions state that they are not endorsed by Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines
  • make sure your content doesn’t infringe on any copyright laws (this includes misleading content)

Your content should always comply with Facebook’s Community Guidelines:

  • don’t post inappropriate content or links and moderate user content if it falls into this category
  • engage with your users in a professional manner

Connect your page to a social media archiving service:

  • capturing your content and engagement to be compliant with recordkeeping policy is mandated for many businesses and organisations

Be aware of local consumer laws and legislation (and how they apply to your business):

  • do not make misleading, false or deceptive claims or promotions
  • offer a refund to anyone who made a decision to purchase your product or service based on false or misleading claims
  • monitor your social media pages

Want to take your page to the next level?

Create your own community guidelines that align with your organisations expectations of customer/client engagement. These guidelines should explain how your organisation engages and gives your moderators a guide to dealing with difficult users.

It is also important that the community understands why your team moderates user content, including, hiding posts or blocking users.

Choosing your Social Media archiving and engagement tool

Most archives simply scrape data and content directly from the platforms in a non-intuitive format. Brolly captures content providing additional smarts with screenshot capture, image and rich media storage and a delightful interface that makes searching for your records simple.

What to look for:

  • complete capture – meta-data, related rich media, comments, and images capturing the context of the record.
  • exports – make sure you can export your records into your EDRMS or equivalent service if required.
  • rich media storage and recall – you should be able to use and view the record within the correct context.

Want to understand why it’s important to archive your social media engagement? Contact us today.

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