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The New Information Management Standard Includes Social Media

The New Information Management Standard Includes Social Media

The National Archives of Australia (NAA) has launched a new Information Management StandardThe Standard has been developed to support the Australian public service to manage their information consistently and effectively.  

NAA Director-General David Fricker discussed managing information in the Australian Government and the NAA’s expectations in an increasingly digital government.

Photo: National Archives of Australia Director-General David Fricker.

Fricker referenced the evolution of the sector and referenced the increase in information being created through a variety of means including social media. He said, “The expectations for creation and management of Australian Government business information are clarified in the Standard and embrace the opportunities offered by an increasingly digital Government environment”.

“With that in mind, this Standard outlines the need for business information to be created, kept and managed appropriately, and to ensure key Government deliberations and decisions are documented to support robust advice, sound business process and open and accountable government”.

Using the Information Management Standard to measure performance

The Standard outlines how the NAA will use the standard to review government agencies’ performance as part of its regular survey and evaluation.

This is a strong stance towards educating the wider community about the importance of information management and the responsibilities of agencies and organisations when preserving business communication.

Read about the Information Management Standard. For further information about the Standard and implementation guidance contact the Agency Service Centre.