Brolly Content Manager integration

Streamline your social media content management with our Content Manager integration – the world’s 1st selective, synchronised content solution.

A seamless and secure solution

The Brolly Content Manager (TRIM) integration is a game-changer for your social media content management. 

This secure integration helps your organisation streamline its social media recordsgiving you more control over your content without the time-consuming effort. 

It’s quite common that enterprise content management systems become cluttered with unnecessary content, such as duplicates and multiple versions. This solution avoids that by letting you choose what social records you want to be sent from Brolly to Content Manager. After that, any updates to the record are automatically synced, making recordkeeping compliance easier than ever before.  

It’s a world-first in social media content management. 

Quicker, easier social media content management

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually sorting through your social media feed and instead focus on keeping the content that really matters. 

You select, we send

You decide what records are sent to Content Manager directly from your Brolly feed.

Keep full context

The raw text of each post is sent to Content Manager – along with media, comments and key metadata in PDF format.

Complete history

When you send a post to Content Manager, Brolly collects all past versions and comments to ensure a comprehensive record.

Automatic syncing

Once you send a Brolly post to Content Manager, all future updates and comments are automatically collected as well.

Features that put you in control of your social media content retention, ensuring comprehensive records without the clutter.

Seamless integration

Reduce the overhead of manually uploading exports into Content Manager on a regular basis

Increased E-discovery

Increase the access and discovery of social media by sending key records to Content Manager

Secure connection

The Content Manager connector controls the Brolly connection to ensure one-way data transfer and overall data integrity.

Regular updates

Brolly ensures all newly sent posts arrive swiftly into Content Manager

Regular updates

Once a post is tracked, Brolly watches it for future updates and comments to ensure your records stay up-to-date automatically

Clear context

Every post synced to Content Manager includes a PDF that shows the complete conversation including images and comments

How it works 

We designed this solution with Wyldlynx, a leading OpenText® Gold Partner and electronic records management specialist, to ensure a seamless integration and excellent user experience.  

The integration is specifically designed for Brolly users with the Content Manager content management system.  

So you’ll need an active Brolly subscription and Content Manager version 9.x or 10.x. 

As Brolly will be connected to your Content Manager, your IT department will need to provide permissions and other technical input.  

Get onboard

If you’re keen to discover how this integration can streamline your content management, simply use the link below to register your interest.

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