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Meet Tilak Narendra - Brolly's new senior software developer!

Meet Tilak Narendra - Brolly's new senior software developer!

In the past four weeks Tilak has achieved more than most. He’s disembarked from an international flight into a country he’s never visited before, with his wife and two daughters, rented a new home, furnished it, moved in, and applied for, and been offered, not just one but three jobs.

Lucky for us he’s the type of go-getter who appreciates working for a company with a similar culture.

Tilak joins us as a full-stack developer and polyglot programmer with a host of experience in big data.

After eight years at Oracle, and another three years in start-up organisations, this seasoned hands-on software architect describes himself as a big data architect and engineer with expertise in data engineering and distributed systems development.

His role here is to help design the next version of Brolly, which will involve re-architecting the platform by enriching the data with additional meta-data and context.