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Have you tried these features?

Have you tried these features?

Existing features

Following are a couple of features which we hope you might find helpful. Please feel free to contact us to share any of your own tips and tricks.


  • To print all details of a single record in a clean, presentable format, you can now select the printer icon (top right on the record screen).
  • To print a summary of all search results, scroll down to reveal all the records, then [CTRL P] or select [File/Print] in browser. Hint: The page will only print what’s visible on screen, hence the need to scroll down to reveal all the records.
  • The results of a keyword search can now be exported in HTML format or as a JSON package. (Use the [Export] icon on top left of search results.)


  • Search now supports Boolean terms. For example, you can search for [fire AND flood] or [Cats OR dogs]. The Boolean terms must be in upper case. They include:
    • AND – for example, [black AND white]
    • OR – for example, [fire, flood] or you can also use, [fire OR flood]
    • Exact phrase – to search for an exact phrase, enclose that phrase within double quotes. For example, “A fire in Queensland”
  • Search also now supports hash tags, which means you can search for campaigns such as: #SpringSt
  • Ever wanted to share a search you’ve done on Brolly with one of your team members? Now you can. Just search for any keyword or group of keywords on Brolly and then share the resulting URL with anyone else who has a Brolly log in.

Being released soon

Groups feature

We’ve had some feedback from some of users asking for a way to handle multiple groups within one account. We’ve taken this feedback on board and created something we call the “group” feature for our enterprise subscriptions. See following…

The “groups” feature will allow enterprises to create separate sub-groups under the one account. This will be useful where there are multiple staff within the one organisation, who each manage their own social media channel. It provides a super-administrator access to all enterprise social media channels and analytics, under the one log-in, while restricting access at the sub-group level, to just the social media channels allocated to that sub-group.  If you’d like to participate in the beta-testing of this new feature, please let us know.