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11th Social Media for Government Summit

11th Social Media for Government Summit

Brolly’s long standing relationship with Akolade continues with the 11th Social Media for Government Summit in Melbourne on October 23 to 25th. With over 100 delegates attending, and sharing how social media is changing the way that Government engages with the community. The need to embrace social media and harness it’s unprecedented reach as a means to communicate directly with the pubic.

Social media is increasingly being used to not only provide customer support and advice, alerts and warnings, but increasingly becoming the platform in which policy announcements are being made. Recently being used by Daniel Andrews to announce the largest public transport project in Australia’s history – the suburban rail loop.

The conference will amongst other things present insights on how Government agencies have, and could use social media to engage audience, the use of video in various platforms, advertising strategies, content generation and using data to drive decisions.

With speakers from social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Government Departments across state, federal and local. There is bound to be insights into how agencies are delivering their messages more effectively now than ever before. From growing the reach of your social media projects, to a what promises to be a very educational panel discussion around crisis management by members of the Emergency Services.

With the ever increasing use and reach of social media, comes the ever increasing records and compliance ‘overhead’. How to manage this risk is what Damian Martina will be presenting in his presentation on day 1. Focusing on what to do if you need to delete a message, from a reputational and legislative perspective.

Don’t miss out on this event, and follow the going’s on by following the twitter hashtag #SM4GOV18. Learn more about Social Media for Government.

Interested in attending? Brolly may be able to assist.