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Facebook Chat with the President

Facebook Chat with the President

Ever wanted to Facebook Message the U.S President? Now you can.

The White House has announced that President Obama will utilise a Facebook Messenger bot to receive correspondence from citizens. The recent U.S government is a leader in social media trends with its innovative stance on citizen engagement. The public can now send messages to the White House Facebook page and those messages will be considered among the letters read by the president.

Since entering the White House in 2009, Obama has read 10 letters a day to help him stay in touch with the citizens he is representing. Until now, letters could be sent in the mail and messages through the White House website. There is no limit to the size of the message you can send the president’s bot. However, unlike a paper letter, the bot asks if you want to add to your note each time you send a message.

According to Digital, to chat with Obama, simply open the Messenger app on your smartphone or a chat window in, and type in the name of your new best friend — “The White House.” You can also navigate straight to the White House’s Facebook page and click the “Message” button there. The bot then lets you fill out a message that will be delivered to the Office of Presidential Correspondence, responsible for collecting and processing all citizen communication.

We know that the U.S government has strict guidelines when it comes to archiving social media and digital-born correspondence. Will Facebook Messenger bots be the next engagement tool to be taken up by Australian politics?

Tell us your thoughts below.