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Brolly presentation at Hootsuite Connection event 9-10 June 2020

Brolly presentation at Hootsuite Connection event 9-10 June 2020

Brolly’s founder and managing director Nathan Cram will be presenting at the Hootsuite Connections #HootsuiteCXN event that runs across 9 & 10 June 2020, to a global audience in a space that incorporates multiple presentation spaces, 1-on-1 networking rooms and a visually stimulating decor. 

And yes, in keeping with the times, there’s not a lot of physical infrastructure or international travel involved, yet the list of guest speakers is impressive (and global). Session topics will be universally interesting to customer engagement specialists from government, business and education, with a focus on guiding and building outstanding social brands. The event is being presented in three global regions – Australia & New Zealand, Americas and Europe. 

Nathan’s talk will focus on the way Brolly can help organisations to achieve regulatory compliance. Titled RegTech: Digital and social compliance as gateways to competitive advantage, the presentation shows how the right technology can help organisations not only meet information management regulatory requirements, but also benefit from the commercially significant insights that effective social media archiving offers organisations of any size. 

Registration is free. Save your spot at the Hootsuite Connection website

The aims of this Hootsuite CXN event are ambitious. They go way beyond the idea of conference, and into the kinds of outcomes we expect from the best industry get-togethers; outcomes such as great connections, shared experiences, insights, new knowledge and optimism. 

We look forward to seeing you there.