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No need to reinvent the wheel: UK Gov digital transformation

No need to reinvent the wheel: UK Gov digital transformation

In preparation for a massive digital transformation project in one UK Government Department 200 Senior Civil Servants were asked to build an app.

Why? To demystify technology and show them how easy it was. To demonstrate that there’s no magic involved. And to show them that this is how you get hold of the data, this is how you build an app, and this is how it can go live on the Internet in two hours.

Late July, I met the driver behind this unique strategy, Nicola Holderness, former Chief Information Officer from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, UK.

We were both at the 2nd Australian Digital Government Summit held in Sydney where she was speaking and I was exhibiting.

She said, “I took over my role when the word digital was considered toxic so it required some radical re-education to get buy-in. Getting people to build an app wetted their appetite for technology. Just talking to them worked as well.

With 24 ministerial departments and 26 non-ministerial departments, each one comprising about 1,000 to 84,000 civil servants, the complexity of delivering a digital government  cannot be under estimated.

Nicola said, “Getting digital transformation to work in that case was about collaborating with other departments, rather than doing things in silos. We learnt it was important to reuse digital components and get a shared government platform rather than go out and buy new components and services.”

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Damian Martina
Brolly Sales Manager