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Post of the Month - Bureau of Meteorology

Post of the Month - Bureau of Meteorology

Facebook Post of the Month – Bureau of Meteorology

The Bureau of Meteorology (  Facebook page is truly a social account with something for everyone, with information ranging from articles to notices, interesting facts, upcoming events and activities and more.  We were lucky enough to speak with the incredibly talented video manager Andrea Peace, along with the wonderful Sue Manniche, about how they make this page so engaging.


We chose this ‘Winter Solstice’ post, which at time of publishing had over 130K video views, over 2.4K reactions, more than 2K shares and 719 comments.


What is a Solstice?


Is most of your content planned well ahead of time, or do you generate it based on customer questions and the like?

Yes, we plan themed content ahead of time. We use analytics and listen to our audience to see what’s popular. We look at comments and review the questions. We knew the static solstice’ infographic was popular, but visually it didn’t entice the audience to stay on the post and answer the most frequently asked questions. The other audience indicators we look at include consumption patterns, content formats, and platform preferences. We know our audience loves science but not over-complicated jargon. On social media, people prefer snippets of information.

So using this intel and working with our talented video producers, they came up with this concept.


We noticed a lot of credits for imagery in your posts – are these submitted by regular users, or do you engage people to generate content for you? If they’re submitted, do people reach out to you, or do you reach out to them when you notice something special?

We always credit people for allowing us to share their content, and we tell them how we’re and where we’re using it. For example, if we’re using a photo of a river to discuss drought. When talking about sensitive topics and issues, this is important. We have a highly engaged weather audience who love to share content with us. That said, we also source material through official sources if needed. We use social media listening to understand what’s trending or happening in communities’ affected by weather, climate, oceans or water. Then we reach out when we identify suitable content.


This post performed very well, achieving higher than average engagements than other posts for the month. Do you attribute this to anything in particular (e.g the use of animation, the topic being particularly interesting) and will this shape your strategy moving forward?

The topic is exciting, and we post ahead of the ‘interest’ curve so that we gain a more significant share of the conversation as the official voice and authority. BOM Bites is a concept augmented from the AskBOM video series, and it’s just ultra-cool. I’m very excited and proud to have a super talented team so we can make magic!


What would be your advice to other businesses who want to get great engagement results on social media with minimum risk?

Listen, truly listen to your audience.  Put yourself in their position and think about what’s important to them. We try to anticipate the questions they could ask and add value as part of the storytelling. We aim to have a positive impact on their day by adding a BOM sparkle to their social media feeds—don’t disrupt them, value their time. And importantly, let the creative people free and try things that make sense.



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