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Brolly and Your Agency

Brolly and Your Agency

For most digital agencies the client’s requirements represent a shifting landscape. The work can be challenging, and incredibly rewarding. Secret weapons like Brolly can mean the difference between customer satisfaction and delight.

Ask any digital agency why they do what they do, and their answer will probably include something about delivering the ‘wow’ to their customers, the satisfaction of realising their clients’ dreams, and if they have an altruistic slant they may even mention something about helping to make the internet a better place – one interaction at a time.
The truth is, that for most of us – the better we do, the more we’re in demand, the higher the expectations, and the harder it is to keep up. Unless you have the right tools to hand.


Social media is a regular culprit for the phenomenon you could safely call a ‘left-field-surprise’. Partly because everyone’s an expert and nobody really has the whole picture. ‘Help us with our social media’ means one thing to your client and another thing entirely to  you. The trick is to find the middle ground where you both understand what you’re getting.
For many clients, their first challenge is to understand the differences between the way they use social media personally and the way they need to use it for their business. Very few customers I speak to for the first time about boosting their social media presence have any idea of the compliance requirements, privacy issues, and employee responsibilities that a business must address if they want to be active in the social media space.
A request from a client to ‘help us with our social media’ needs unpacking… and you probably won’t be able to get the message across in a single meeting, or even three, that social media for business is resource-heavy, needs a commitment from the top of the organisation and must be supported by clear strategy, policy, processes and procedures – just like any formal communications  activity. Once the understanding begins to dawn, you can see the panic in their eyes. How lovely to be able to reassure this client that you have the tools in place to mitigate and manage risk.


The worst case scenario? As an agency, dealing with the aftermath of a social media SNAFU that nobody saw coming. It could have been something you did, or the result of something that happened at the client’s end. Regardless of the source, you’re going to be seen as a hero if you can act quickly and save the company’s reputation.

Here’s an extreme example:
• A client employee posts something inappropriate on the client’s Twitter stream.
• A storm of outrage erupts in the Twittersphere
• The Twitter post is deleted, and the storm dies down
• Then later on, the post is needed, as evidence in a law suit brought against the company,
in a matter that relates to the post.

Or a more mundane example:
Your client is a Not For Profit. Their marketing director is sitting calmly at his desk working through the last two hours on a Friday. Meanwhile, the CEO has had a call from the Chair.
She puts her head around the door and says: “Frank? The Board have some concerns about some changes that they think were made to Facebook posts after they signed off on the original text. Can you tell me if any of our posts in May and June were edited after being posted, and provide the text? I’m leaving in an hour.”
This Not for Profit is active on Facebook. Frank’s been posting almost daily for the four months that have passed since May and June. Frank calls you. He’s not convinced anyone can help him, but he’s hoping you can.
“No problem, Frank”, you say.
Log in to Brolly. Filter. Export. Deliver. That’s less than 15 minutes and includes refilling your water glass.
And yes, this happened. I changed Frank’s name, but the rest is true.


The laws around privacy and Freedom of Information carry obligations for Australian government clients, yet a surprising number of government agencies haven’t thought about how they’re going to be able to comply if an FOI request comes through for a post on social media that’s since been deleted, or is so far down the stream of posts that it’s like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. With Brolly, the search for even a single post is fast, repeatable and reliable.
The tool has been built to comply with the law, so you can be confident that you’re providing the best possible service to your government client – and providing strategic value by helping them to comply easily, where they had no idea how to get started.


I’m doing the work that I do, and the way that I do it, because I thrive when I’m involved in multiple projects across a range of industries and able to apply an outsider’s clarity of vision to the challenges my clients face.
There are days though – and haven’t we all had them – where everything happens at once, from every direction, and it’s all urgent.

Managing social media accounts across multiple businesses, each with their own distinct brand, voice and style can create extreme stress whenyou need to jump from one to the other to provide reports and updates. I rely on Brolly’s ability to filter by client, by activity and by channel – so that I can be responsive to requests and even on the front foot to make recommendations for improvement. If a client’s concerned about edits or tracking comments – with Brolly, I have the tools to get them what they need, fast. But not too fast…


I’ve found that Brolly is best introduced to my clients using a staged approach. There are so many features to the service that they’re best shared at a manageable pace, rather than too quickly or all at once
My Insiders Tip for agencies new to Brolly is that you may need to manage client expectations if you reveal too quickly how fantastically fast and accurate Brolly is when it comes to archiving – and retrieval – of social media channels.
My tried and true method is to respond to requests by creating a report, requesting an export and then going out for coffee or a quick turn around the block. If the client knows it takes you less than ten minutes to do something they’d normally assign a day to, you’ll never have any rest.


“As a small agency helping a range of clients from micro businesses to Government departments with social media, I’m not entirely sure how I operated before I had Brolly. With this tool I’m able to provide peace of mind to my clients. But it’s my own peace of mind that benefits the most. By managing their risk, I’m managing mine. And in these days of social media outrage, that’s a good feeling to have.”
– Miriam Zolan


Thank you to guest author Miriam Zolan of Extempore for this wonderful piece!