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Brolly Featured in Startup Daily

Brolly Featured in Startup Daily
Brolly has been featured in Startup Daily, where you can find the latest insights from the Australian and New Zealand tech ecosystems. The well-known digital news blog discusses social media archiving and the way government organisations are managing the issue internally.

What did they say?

“For all the talk of digitising government, government agencies and departments are still very much bound by rules and regulations that mandate everything down to how they record every interaction they have on social media.

As any social media manager or PR knows, getting and keeping these records in any manageable format can be difficult, with many resorting to screenshots and hastily-organised Excel spreadsheets.”

What does Startup Daily say about Brolly?

“Brolly works by simply having users connect their accounts, after which the system captures all published social content and archives previous posts, allowing users to export their engagement in a format that allows for easy record keeping.

It allows for agencies to track conversations in real time and search past moments, including comments, media, and hyperlink capture, taking screenshots of links posted so agencies can capture content as it appeared to the public, no 404 error messages to be seen.”

As seen in Startup Daily.

We’re thrilled to have been featured and are looking forward to telling our story as we continue to grow. Keep up with our latest updates on Twitter.