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Brolly launching in Singapore supported by Austrade’s Landing Pad

Brolly launching in Singapore supported by Austrade’s Landing Pad

After engaging the Australian market, Brolly has claimed the right to be a part of Austrade’s exclusive list of start-ups to join the Landing Pad program in Singapore early 2019.

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (AusTrade), runs a competitive program called ‘Landing Pads’. Landing Pads help start-ups and scaleups take their Australian business global. This highly acclaimed and heavily contested position was awarded to Brolly for its innovation and Austrade’s belief in the scaleup’s potential to bring its platform to Australia and the rest of the world.

Why Singapore?

Brolly is Australia’s very first social media archiving platform that archives social media records in the one platform in real time. Brolly is now taking the platform that has helped Australian organisations keep compliant with records keeping requirements, into the global market. The synergies to the Singaporean market are broad. Singapore has legislative requirements that aren’t dissimilar to the ones the Australian Government abides by.

Similarities between Australia and Singapore are also evident in the guidance provided by the National Archives offices of each country.

In Australia, the National Archives provides guidance that “Staff need to create and manage accurate records of their business activities to ensure decisions and actions can be accounted for. This includes social media activities.” This is much the same guidance offered by The National Archives of Singapore (NAS). The NAS advises public agencies on recordkeeping standard practices, take custody of records transferred from public agencies and act as the Official Keeper. Amongst other responsibilities, they acquire through deposit, audio visual recordings that have been broadcasted or made public in Singapore and make known information concerning archives by any means, including publications, exhibitions, and heritage promotional activities. This also includes social media.

Singaporean Government has also adopted an ‘Open Government’ program as part of  its Smart Nation initiative. This opens previously unavailable data to citizens. As part of this, Singapore is looking at implementing an Act similar to Australia’s Freedom of Information Act as it is becoming evident to their government that such an act is in fact necessary. Such an act will empower society to do their own fact checking enabling a strengthening of public trust, which is core to the Open Government philosophy.

The regulatory alignment between Australia and Singapore is strong; this coupled with the fact that Singapore is one of the world’s leading business and financial centers. The World Bank’s Doing Business Report ranks Singapore as the world’s most business-friendly country for its open market and regulatory efficiency.

With 3,500 multinational corporations (MNCs) using Singapore as their regional headquarters, the city has a vibrant business community where key decision makers and a deep pool of international talent are accessible.

Singapore’s position as one of Asia’s leading R&D centers is strengthened by the presence of these MNCs, many of which undertake major research projects in Singapore and across the Asian region. Which adds to the important nature of Singapore as a hub in the Asia Pacific region.

With the growth of social media platforms, their reach, and the usage of these platforms by the public and private sectors in Singapore, it is obvious why Brolly is so keen to launch the platform into Singapore with the assistance of Austrade. Brolly will be using the time at the Landing Pad in Singapore to meet with both Singaporean government agencies and MNCs with headquarters in Singapore.

Soon these organisations will be able to archive all their social media engagements, in real time, all in the one place. All posts, comments, deletions, and edits stored in the cloud, in real time. This is important from not only a records keeping perspective but also key to being a Smart Nation and protecting individual privacy.

The Brolly team is very grateful and excited for the opportunity presented by Austrade. Brolly now has your social media platforms covered, not only in Australia but worldwide.

If you would like to know more about Brolly and the specific requirements to keep social media records, contact us at:, or go to to find out more.