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Yearly recap – 2017 and beyond

Yearly recap – 2017 and beyond

It’s been an exciting year at Brolly. From our launch in early 2016 we’ve grown quickly, reaching new heights and re-designing our infrastructure to support future growth.

As the first social media archiving solution in Australia, it’s been a sometimes-challenging road to educate organisations about their responsibilities to archive social media engagement. We’ve been lucky to share positive relationships with local, state and national records offices. Learning from the advice they provide to government organisations has been imperative to refining Brolly. Their work sharing information about social media archiving is helping to ensure transparency in Australia.

In the past year, we’ve seen social platforms adopted on a large scale, with organisations using social media as a primary communication and delivery channel.

With the rise of AI and bots, more organisations than ever are providing support through social media and are engaged in important conversations (that would have previously be had over email or phone). We see social media archiving as closing the loop between service delivery and online channels, and this has been echoed globally.

Alongside social media’s growth as a service delivery tool, we’ve seen organisations investing in dedicated resources to help them manage and engage their digital communities. These tasks traditionally belonged to call-centre staff and include, responding to queries and playing an active role in content moderation. Watch this space.

Across all platforms, there’s been a rise in rich media use, with live-video like Instagram Stories increasing. We’re excited to see what the next year of technology will do for public discourse and engagement, as well as, transparency.

What we’ve achieved, a year in Brolly:

New website
We updated the Brolly website to make it easier for everyone to understand new developments and find out more about social media archiving and engagement.

Re-structuring our architecture
Our development team worked hard this year to re-structure our architecture, taking it from table to graph based. This work means that Brolly is scalable and more flexible as we move towards integrating with cutting-edge technology such as AI.

New features and more frequent releases
Brolly clients have been able to benefit from our optimised development environment with more features released more frequently. We can’t wait to share what’s in store for 2018!

Social Media in Government Summit and RIMPA
We were lucky enough to speak at the Social Media in Government Summit and the RIMPA conference this year, sharing the importance of social media archiving with Australia’s brightest minds in social media management and information management respectively. This included our first three-hour workshop on how local government could achieve social media success.

Brolly in the news:
We were thrilled to see Brolly featured in The Australian Financial Review, Government News and Whatech news.

We have even more exciting things planned for 2018, and look forward to releasing more new features based on your feedback as we continue to develop Brolly’s service offerings.