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Worried About Social Media Responsibilities and Developing Effective Strategy? Have No Fear, Brolly is Here!

Worried About Social Media Responsibilities and Developing Effective Strategy? Have No Fear, Brolly is Here!

Are you unaware of your social responsibilities online? We all think we know how to use social media for business responsibly, but chances are, this could very well be you.


There are social media requirements that the average person may not be aware of, and often don’t become aware of until you discover you’ve accidentally broken the law. This is of particular concern to those who work in government or for government agencies, as public trust in these sectors can be extremely hard to regain once lost.

To avoid finding yourself in the news headlines for all the wrong reasons, we recommend becoming familiar with the following legislation:

Archives Act:

Under this act, government organizations are required to maintain records of business-related activities, including social media. As Australia’s first compliant solution, we work closely with state and national archiving bodies to ensure Brolly continues to meet government standards.

Freedom of Information Act:

This Act provides a legally enforceable right of access to government held documents, other than exempt documents.  It enables individuals to request access to documents about themselves or other documents such as documents concerning policy development and government decision making and to seek amendment or annotation of personal records. It applies to Australian Government ministers and most agencies. The Act specifies which agencies and categories of documents are exempt.

Privacy Act:

Regulates the handling of personal information about individuals. This includes its collection, use, storage and disclosure. Contains 13 privacy principles which regulate the handling of personal information by most of Australian government agencies.

Regulations –

Under the Act, agencies also need to take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify personal information that they hold once it is no longer needed, unless an exception applies.

This Regulation details the exceptions to the APPs and lists several agencies that may use or disclose personal information.

Evidence Act:

This act provides for documents created and maintained in paper and electronic form to be presented as evidence before the federal courts:

  • section 48 allows for presenting of original documents, as well as copies, extracts from, or summaries of, original documents
  • section 51 abolishes the original document rule
  • sections 155 and 156 refer to the production in court of Commonwealth records
  • section 182 lists, in a table format, the relevant sections in the Act which apply to Commonwealth records.

Please note – each state and territory have their own acts and policies regarding management of public records. The acts above are the ones that are applicable to the whole country.


How Can Brolly Help?

Not only will Brolly protect you from breaking laws which some in your social media team may be unaware existed in the first place, but we provide companies with tools to easily analyse their social media engagement, helping you to build a stronger social media strategy.

Brolly as a Strategy Tool

When you subscribe to Brolly, you gain access to your social media engagement data, providing insights into how many times you’ve posted over particular periods of time, on which accounts and level of engagement each post achieved. This enables users to assess what types of posts produce the most favourable engagements, allowing them to formulate more efficient social media plans that relates best to their audience. In today’s day and age social media activity is so prevalent, it is important to know your audience, and formulate social media strategies that best resonates with them. Brolly allows you to do this.

Livingstone Shire Council

Livingston City Shire is a local government body who are active social media users across several different social media channels.  They chose Brolly to ensure they remained compliant across their active social media channels.

From analysing the data on their Facebook page, we were able to see that in the past year total records have amounted to 11,814. Most organisations like the Livingston City Shire post photos or information regularly, the amount they post tends not to vary too much from month to month. However, the reactions and engagement they receive will differ based on what they are posting.

Livingstone Facebook

In May 2018 they posted on their Facebook page 138 times, which was just over their average for the year which was 119. Remarkably though, the engagement with their followers that month skyrocketed to 1,751 records coming from comments from those posts. Their average engagement for the year amassed 721 records for every month, meaning for some reason their engagement in May of 2018 saw a 143% increase on the yearly average. To keep this type of engagement they achieved in May of 2018 would be every social media managers dream. Unfortunately, the month following did not entail such positive engagement, in fact for their 75 posts they only received 428 comments. So, what were they doing differently?

Using Brolly, we can easily filter all the Facebook posts the Livingston City Shire created in the month of May. Doing so we can capture which posts created such positive engagement outcomes for Livingston City Shire. Social media managers can look at these trends and base their content around what was successful previously. Remember that it is not necessarily about how much you post, but more about ensuring that those posts are relevant and in line with what your audience values.


Brolly offers protection from government legislation as well as providing data insights into successful social media interactions, helping marketing teams engage with their audience effectively. Enjoy peace of mind and say goodbye to deletion anxiety today!