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Introducing Brolly's Post of the Month!

Introducing Brolly's Post of the Month!

During the month of May, the team at Brolly came across a few posts that we felt were really impressive examples of what local organisations can do with social media. We were fortunate enough to speak with brains behind the posts, who agreed to share their insights into how other councils or businesses can get great results!


Instagram Post of the Month – Castlemaine, Maldon and Surrounds

The Castlemaine Maldon and Surrounds Instagram account (@castlemainemaldonsurrounds) aims to entice visitors to Mount Alexander Shire in Central Victoria.  The account is managed by Aileen Walsh who heads up the Visitors Services team and has an intimate knowledge of the stunning villages and towns in the area. The feed has nearly 4,000 followers, with another 10,500 followers on the similarly named Facebook account.

We were really impressed by the performance of the following post, which achieved nearly three times the engagement levels of other posts for the month of May. At the time of publication, this beautiful photo of a historic chapel had received 536 likes.


Historic Chapel @castlemainemaldonsurrounds


Aileen was kind enough to answer some of our questions relating to the success of the post.


Where do you get the inspiration for your posts?

Our posts are really inspired by the beauty and vibrancy of our region. We are lucky to have so much happening in our region all the time, ensuring an endless supply of possible content.

As a Council-run tourism destination account, it’s important we keep up to date with what’s happening including markets and events, and what our local businesses have to offer in all townships whether big or small. We strategically focus on our region’s product and brand strengths for tourism, which are arts and culture, history and heritage, and the natural environment. We have a great photo library with images that reflect these key assets.


Is someone responsible for scouting locations and producing imagery, or do local organisations tend to get in touch and provide you with content? If the latter, do you use any special tools to keep your visuals so consistent?

To assist with consistency, it has helped having one key person driving the content, with input and ideas from the team. At the same time we have a checking system in place to ensure a team member will glance at posts before we go live. We like to feature businesses who are tourism marketing partners and provide a snapshot of the wide range of experiences on offer in our region, with a good and fair cross-section of the townships in our shire.

We mix up the photo selection between professionally taken stock images, photos taken by staff on their phones and the occasional repost from a local business. We have started using the visual planning app UnUm to curate our posts and ensure there’s a good-looking pattern to the order.


Will the performance of this post help shape your strategy moving forward?

We know that history and heritage are one of things that people love about our region and we have certainly seen how posts that include historic buildings or something nostalgic tend to boost engagement. These learnings will definitely continue to drive our content and what we will include in the future. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of beautiful buildings, historic sites and monuments in our townships!


What would be your advice to other local agencies who want to get great engagement results on social media with minimum risk?

Stay up to date with your product and happenings, have a checking system in place with your team, and ensure you have someone with an eye for detail who is driving and taking responsibility for your content. If you don’t have a good photo library to draw on, it would be worth investing in a professional photographer to have images that you can utilise for content when you have no time to get out of the office.



Facebook Post of the Month – Logan City Council

Logan City Council’s $3.1 million rebuild of the Doug Larsen Park BMX freestyle and skate park facility is currently attracting a lot of attention, and it’s no wonder why – Cycling Australia says this new facility at Beenleigh will be the best in the country, and potentially a venue for future international competitions!

With BMX freestyle making its official debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, this rebuild is certainly timely, and has allowed Logan City Council to become a partner to the feasibility study on a possible Queensland bid for the 2032 Olympic Games.

This post, announcing the last chance to utilise the skate park facility prior to the rebuild, really caught our eye – with a reach of 53,595, and 1,372 reactions, comments and shares on the post (inclusive of interactions on shared posts), we weren’t the only ones impressed!

A point to note – here at Brolly, we’ve observed that posts relating to infrastructure often perform very well for their respective councils, so if you’ve got some development coming up, don’t forget to share it on your social media pages.

Logan City Council BMX and skate park


We were lucky enough to speak with Gina Narayan, Digital Marketing Coordinator at Logan City Council, about how they were able to come up with this popular Facebook post.


Did you expect the levels of engagement you received, or did it come as a surprise to see such a response?

We did expect this level of engagement on the post as it received a similar level of engagement when we published similar content on the 1 Mar. This post covers two elements which generally generate a high level of engagement on our pages – these being :
a) the announcement of a major project / development which would be of benefit to the community
b) BMX stake parks – this is a popular topic which generates a lot of interest within our community.


Will the performance of this post help shape your strategy moving forward?

Our strategy for posts is to provide our audience with a mix of topics which are of interest to them, these range from:

-Project updates / announcements

– Community safety awareness posts [scam alerts / public health and safety updates etc]

-General interest post – Parks / playgrounds / things to see and do in your city / upcoming activates etc

– Council services and offerings


What would be your advice to other local agencies who want to get great engagement results on social media with minimum risk?

Don’t be afraid to try new things – we have tried posts in line with trending topics such as Game of Thrones expecting great results with the outcome being average results. We have put posts out expecting average results with the end outcome being a top performing post. Through this process you will get a better feel for what your audience relates to and is interested in. Mix things up and keep the content interesting and creative.

Game of Thrones Post Logan City Council
Example of a trending content post – this post achieved a reach of 4,848 and a total of 102 reactions, comments and shares.


Thank you so much to Aileen and Gina for their time, and their wonderful insights!


Do you have a post you’d like us to consider for Post of the Month? Get in touch with us at to discuss your post today.