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Meet Brolly's new software developer - Milad Vadoodparast

Meet Brolly's new software developer - Milad Vadoodparast

Surely the holy grail of any social media manager is the ability to predict whether a particular post will go viral.

Brolly’s new software developer has experience in using computer simulations, artificial intelligence and machine learning to do exactly that.

Milad Vadoodparast (27) joins Brolly from Iran with a Masters from the University of Tehran. His software networking analysis thesis was a theoretical and mathematical model that used influence maximisation to launch successful viral social media marketing campaigns.

After leaving university Milad continued his foray into unchartered social media territories by developing a listening tool for Facebook. His role as software engineer, was to create a dashboard that companies could use to gain insight over Facebook posts and comments that affected their business.

His next job was similar, but focused on Telegram, a popular social media platform in Iran.

Three years after Milad completed his ground-breaking thesis, he relocated to Australia to chase some new experiences. How does this genius relax? He says he is now enjoying some tennis lessons. (…in the middle of Winter?)