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How to build compliance into your social media

How to build compliance into your social media

Many of Brolly’s current customers used to think the best way to archive social media posts was by collecting screenshots and storing them in Word or PDFs or as image files.

For a long time, organisations who cared about keeping an accurate record of important or sensitive social media records have used this approach. On the surface, it seems like a good option. No special tools required, and all you need is for the records team and the social media team to agree on some categories and formats. 

However, there are a couple of fairly significant issues with the copy/paste approach.

Beware the overhead

Firstly, there’s the problem of how long it takes to manually archive. The more successful you are on social media, the more time you have to spend archiving. Organisations of all kinds are using social media more so this problem will only get worse. Calculate the hours of valuable time it takes to perform these manual tasks, and you might develop an appetite for some archiving automation! 

Problem solved: Save hours every week for your social media team or records management team (or both) by adopting an automated archiving system like Brolly that gives you cost-effective, secure, on-going compliance, with built-in peace of mind.  

Live long and prosper

The second issue is about the lifespan of social media. A social media post can have a life long after it was initially posted. Even years after it first goes live, a social media post can spring to life with a comment, an edit, an update or a share. The kind of real-time monitoring that might be required if your social media channels are active and engaging may simply not be possible without an automated system working for you.

Problem solved: Brolly archives quietly in the background, integrating seamlessly with your social media channels to ensure every record is archived in real time. Brolly captures changes as they happen, including new comments, shares, updates, edits, deletions, hides and unhides. Think of it like a social media insurance policy, working quietly in the background, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

In summary

If social media is an effective way for you to engage with your customers, staff and community, don’t let compliance and risk management concerns stop you from making the most of these channels. If you’re a government agency or operating in a regulated industry, non-compliant record keeping can lead to penalties like fines, along with significant reputational risk.

As you would for any record, use the right tools to ensure you’re compliant, manage the risk and let your social media and records management experts do what they do best. 

Try Brolly today

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