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The NSW Police Engage Over 930,000 People with The Meme Team

The NSW Police Engage Over 930,000 People with The Meme Team

The NSW Police understand how difficult it can be to engage the public with safety information, that may be why they created a Meme Team for April Fools Day. Strath Gordon, Director of NSW Police’s public affairs branch, was interviewed by Huffington Post Australia about their large social media audience and viral content creation as a result.

The article referred to the NSW Police Force as “the kings of emergency service social media”. Their content consists of important updates and calls for public information — cleverly dispersed with memes, jokes and adorable pictures of pets.  Their on-the-pulse content has reached tens of thousands of people, including an enormous amount of likes, comments and shares.

Gordon said the change in strategy was focused on ensuring their important messages got to the public, “the humour and the memes with police messaging, was designed to increase the possibility of the audience we had seeing more of our posts”.

Since late 2016, the NSW Police social media presence has increased by 100,000 followers. This is enormous growth for an organisation that is not spending large sums on social media advertising. Their combined social media presence is now over 930,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Meme Team is not just a great April Fools joke, by sharing content that connects with the public they are leading the way for emergency services in Australia.

Read the HuffPost article about NSW Police’s viral social media campaigns.