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The gap in your social media process – social media archiving

The gap in your social media process – social media archiving

As a social media manager, you want to know that you can recall a conversation or social post for reference if required. For most government agencies, this means taking the occasional screenshot and copy-pasting content into a spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, this information is not enough to constitute an accurate record and if your organisation uses social media to share important information with the public, you’re at risk.

We’ve created a quick check list to assess your social media risk:

  • Do you have multiple social media accounts and/or account holders?
  • Are your channels the responsibility of an Australian government or public facing organisation?
  • Does the person(s) managing your social media account post on behalf of the organisation?
  • Do you provide advice through social media and direct the public to your website for more information?
  • Do you engage in business communication (support) through social media?
  • Are your social media posts ever of importance to the public and media?
  • Are you currently capturing your social media as a manual process (i.e.: storing them in spreadsheets to export them into a record management service)?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, you need to think about how social media archiving fits into your publishing, approval and engagement process.

Why does this matter?

Recordkeeping helps protect organisations and individuals by making sure an accurate record of their engagement is captured. Government organisations have a responsibility to capture and store this information in case of an inquiry, freedom of information or privacy request.

Social media isn’t just cute kitten videos and sharing emojis, organisations are using it as a key service delivery channel and in the same way your emails and phone calls are recorded, social media should now be captured to meet these requirements.

Want to find out how you can manage your social media records? Brolly captures everything required to create compliant records from the lifetime of your social media presence. Social media is more than just text and images – to create a complete, compliant record the full context of each interaction should be captured. Sign up for a 30-day free trial today.