About us

Tech with a purpose

Brolly is proudly Australia’s first comprehensive social media archiving and engagement service. Thousands of organisations use social media to provide support and public service information. We created Brolly to ethically capture, record and protect these conversations, providing organisations peace-of-mind and ensuring public transparency. We aim to inspire fearless engagement in our customers. We’re starting the conversation about public transparency and social media in Australia and we continue to ask the important questions.

Social media archiving was clumsy and in many cases non-existent. So we fixed it.

Brolly has been built to archive digital-born records securely and efficiently. Our service gives you the confidence to ditch the spreadsheets, knowing your records are being managed securely.

Our mission

We’re bridging the gap between new technology and the way organisations engage with people, every day.

Working at Brolly

We’re looking for new talent to join our team. Brolly’s small company culture, big company clients and cutting edge product are the perfect opportunity to love what you do.