All your social data in one place … and so much more

Get Brolly working in the background, and stay on top of your social media recordkeeping.

Public feed

All your conversations on every connected channel. A true, secure record of your interactions with customers and community.

Search and filters

Search, filter, tag and add notes to the records in your feed for custom exports or insights to inform your social media strategy.

Private messages

Dig into the detail of private messages. Archived with metadata, links and username, for full context.


Export messages, single posts, conversations or your entire feed. Export in fit-for-purpose formats – PDF, CSV, HTML or JSON.

Brolly captures all your conversations

Social media is more than just text and images – to create a complete, compliant record we capture the full context of every conversation.

Revision History

Brolly captures each revision posts and comments, including deleted items

Complete Conversation

Brolly captures the whole conversation including posts comments and replies

Digital Signature

All records captured by Brolly are verified with a digitial signature

Hyperlink capture

Brolly takes a screenshot of any linked websites in real time to preserve full context of the post

Media capture

Brolly captures and stores all media associated with a post so you’ll always have the lot

Raw Metadata

Brolly captures the raw metadata associated with the social post so you have the complete story

Context is Queen/King

See your conversations in context. Combine with metadata, links and media for the full picture, every time.

All your social media activity

Brolly captures all the posts, comments, links and images that make up your social media conversations. Once your accounts are connected, you’re capturing in real time

External website capture

A true record of where your links targets when the post was published. No matter how many times the destination website changes, we’ve got a picture of what your audience saw

The full conversation

A social media record has many parts, and a full conversation many more. Time, text, username, link, image, video, comments and metadata are the core of complete, compliant records

What we archive

Brolly supports the most popular social media platforms.

Capturing records of social media content can be fraught with difficulties. The content is often held in a variety of complicated, interactive and non-standardised formats on third-party platforms.

There is also the danger of social media communication being deleted at any time. And, once deleted, those communications could be lost forever.

Our archiving solution creates compliant, legally admissible historical records of all your social media communications which retain all functionality and interactive elements.

Focus on the stuff that matters

Tagging, notes and advanced search make it easy to find records. While you focus on conversations that matter, we’ll handle the heavy lifting.

Tags and notes

A powerful way to group important posts together in a kind of saved search. Refine your feed to highlight campaigns, messages, topics and events.


Empower your team to manage their accounts. Great for organisations with many business units, like local government councils

Keyword Monitoring and Policy Alerts

Never miss a beat. Set an alert to tell you when important keywords and phrases appear on your social media.

“We appreciate the comfort of knowing that Brolly has us covered.”
Trish Weir
Livingstone Shire Council

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