Flexible plans with no surprises

Brolly pricing is based on the volume of new records archived each month. All plans include unlimited data storage, continuous archiving, and access to all features.

Flying solo

You’re starting up, or keeping it simple, posting a couple of times a week on your favourite channel, and every second day on the others. Start the way you want to continue… compliant and informed.
  • 250 records per month


This is your thing. You’re a key member of your organisation’s comms team, considered an expert in the area of social media engagement. You are regularly asked to report on ROI, risk and compliance. You need to be able to report and reassure in the blink of an eye
  • 1,000 records per month


You’ve got more than one channel and you’re regularly engaging with a growing community. Keeping on top of the chatter, reporting to a client or senior stakeholders and ensuring your organisation is compliant. Some days it’s hard to keep all those balls in the air.
  • 3,000 records per month


You’ve got a large community, multiple channels and you engage frequently on social media. Compliance matters to your organisation and the weight of that sits on your shoulders.
  • 5,000 records per month

All plans include

  • Unlimited social accounts
  • Unlimited embedded link screen shots
  • Unlimited original source screen shots
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Unlimited archive exports
  • Australian based servers

Enterprise plans

> 5,000 records per month

You are a leader in providing online customer service and engagement. You engage frequently, expertly and across multiple integrated channels and accounts.

Pricing FAQ

What is a record?

A record refers to an individual interaction captured by Brolly, this includes any related multimedia files such as images, videos and screenshots of hyperlinks. Brolly stores each status update, tweet, post, private message, and comment as a separate record.

What is a social account?

Each individual profile you connect to Brolly is classified as a social account. These accounts can be connected from a range of supported applications, including Facebook and Twitter. Even if you manage multiple profiles from the same top level account (Business Pages and Facebook Pages), each time you connect a profile it is a separate account.

Why is Brolly pricing based on records?

We’ve tailored Brolly to be user-friendly, that includes pricing. We base pricing on the volume of ongoing social media activity — not the number of people using your account or how many profiles you connect. This means that we can provide plans that offer unlimited data storage and social accounts, whilst you manage your processes in the way that suits you best.

Will my costs be fixed or will they vary month to month?

No nasty surprises remember? Our pricing system is fixed and we set record volume limits as ranges (e.g. up to 1,000 new records, up to 3,000 new records) to accommodate for fluctuations in use. This means you can always accurately budget for the solution.

What if I exceed the maximum number of records allowed by my plan in a month?

We understand that your social media activity might spike occasionally, particularly in emergency situations. Brolly continues to archive all your interactions, even when you temporarily exceed your plan. If you do go over your plan maximum a few months in a row, we will work with you to find a more appropriate plan.

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