Meaningful metrics

Unlock the power of sentiment, keyword recognition and audience engagement to gain unique insights into your social media activity.

More meaning from your social media data

Your social media archive is a goldmine of facts and figures. Bring your data into sharp, beautiful focus with dashboards and drill-downs

Understand your social media impact

Being heard on social media is harder than ever. If you want your posts to have an impact, you’ll need to know when to speak and what to say.

What's the sentiment of your audience?

Monitor social activity and organic online sentiment from your audience, enriching your understanding of what makes them tick.

When is your audience most active?

See at a glance when your audience is engaging with you so you can plan your influence.

Risk management at a glance

Insights Plus makes the hidden data of your social media accounts visible. Actions on posts and comments such as edits, deletes and hides tell you about risk and brand reputation.

Reporting made easy.

Create reports by date ranges and accounts you choose, across multiple social profiles. Print beautiful PDF reports and dig deeper into the data with CSV exports.

More than just numbers

At Brolly, we’re huge fans of a beautiful diagrams because we know that visually stunning graphs and charts provide powerful insights into your data.


We use the keywords and hashtags in your social media accounts to identify trends and map them with compelling visuals. Are your messages on-topic? Identify the keywords and phrases that your audience is using, to improve and maintain your reach.


See how your social media tracks over time by comparing activity, sentiment and keywords for previous periods, using our preset date ranges or customised dates. Understanding past and current trends are essential for making your next campaign the best it can be.


Influence in social media might make you think of selfies and product promotion, but for social media teams, your most important influence is within your organisation. Insights Plus PDF reports include compelling data visualisations to help you track performance against goals and measure return on investments (ROI).

Take social media analytics to the next level

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