Take ownership of your social media records

Capture, preserve and protect your social media conversations for compliance and data insights.


One click compliance

If you’re using social media to conduct business, you should be archiving those conversations. It’s the law. Connect Brolly to be compliant in minutes.


Cut costs, save time

Say goodbye to hours of copying and pasting posts that constantly change each week. Respond to information requests in minutes, not days. Brolly works quietly in the background and is there when you need it.


Keep it simple

Connect your social media accounts with just a few clicks. Real time capture starts straight away, with historical records as far back as you like.

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Be ready for FOI, audits and inquiries

Transparency is a key attribute for compliant organisations like yours. What happens when you need to respond quickly to FOI requests, or provide evidence to inquiries and royal commissions.

With Brolly archiving all your records, you’re able to respond and deliver with the minimum of fuss, saving countless hours and without headaches.


Don’t risk your reputation

Protect your elected officials with a true and verifiable record of the conversations they’re having with customers and citizens. Maintain peace of mind in the face of hacks and cybersecurity worries. We’ve got you covered.


Keep it safe

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter constantly change their policies and introduce new features. Once your social media accounts are connected to Brolly, we take care of those changes for you.


100% Australian owned and operated

Originally built with Australian government compliance in mind, Brolly is the perfect social media archiving tool for any regulated sector in Australia and New Zealand.

Your data is stored on on AWS cloud servers located in Australia. Data sovereignty and data privacy matter to us, as we know they matter to you.


Birds Eye View

See all of your organisation’s social activity in a single aggregated view, the Brolly feed. Seeing everything in the one place gives you insights across all your channels, including edits and deletes.


A wealth of information

Your consolidated feed of social media records can give you valuable insights into the data you’re creating and collecting. Use advanced search, filter and tagging functions to inform strategy and future direction.


Never miss a beat

With your social media all consolidated in one archive and up-to-date, see conversations unfold in real time. Set alerts to receive an email when keywords are mentioned. Quickly view edits and deletes. It’s all there, right now – for you.

At your fingertips

  • All your social media activity
  • Website and Post screenshots
  • Full converstaion thread
  • Tags and Notes
  • Groups
  • Email Alerts
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