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Social media and sport

Engage confidently in meaningful conversations with your fans and supporters, while keeping your athletes and reputation protected


What are your responsibilities?

Sporting clubs have a duty of care to players, and increasingly we are seeing new initiatives surrounding mental health. While social media is a valuable (and largely indispensable) means of communication with supporters and members of the public, there are occasions when comments can cross the line into bullying.

So long as online bullies are able to post without consequence, can sporting clubs really claim they’re doing enough to protect their athletes?

When sledging goes too far

For many sporting organisations and clubs, social media use is just ramping up, meaning risk management and record-keeping practices have not been a priority.

Archiving your social media records ensures you can engage confidently in meaningful conversations with the public while keeping your athletes and reputation protected.

How Brolly can help

Sporting organisations should keep full and accurate records of social media engagements not only to discourage or assist in identifying trolls but to demonstrate transparency and integrity to the general public.

With the ability to search and recall social media conversations and view deleted or edited posts as they originally appeared, clubs can keep track of what’s on social media and take appropriate action against those misusing the platform, or moderate effectively before things escalate out of control.


Never miss a beat

With your social media all consolidated in one up-to-date archive, see conversations unfold in real time. Tag records that belong together. Set alerts to receive an email when key words or phrases appear in posts and comments.  It’s all there, in real time, for you.

Keep it safe

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter constantly change their policies and introduce new features. Once your social media accounts are connected to Brolly, we take care of those changes for you.

Instant real-time access to records

Archiving is only half the story

There’s no point in creating an archive unless you can access it and retrieve records easily when they are required. The availability of your records completes the picture. 

Make sure you can easily access your archived records, including customer complaints and responses, promotional messages and adviser conversations.  

Brolly gives you 24/7 access to verifiable records complete with metadata, links and media.

And your records are stored on Australian servers, providing peace of mind about data privacy and access under Australian law. 

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