Instagram archive

How to archive Instagram

What’s ten years old, used by more than one billion people every month and an increasingly popular way for organisations to reach their customers and communities?  It’s Instagram! 

Instagram posts and comments are public record

If your organisation includes Instagram in your social media mix, then you need to be archiving your Instagram posts and comments to ensure your records are compliant with Australian and New Zealand recordkeeping legislation

When archiving on Instagram is not enough

It’s great that you can archive natively on Instagram. But here’s where that won’t work for you. If you delete (not hide) a post on Instagram, it’s gone – forever. A Brolly archive includes your deleted posts, so that you have easy access to them if you need them for audit, legal, FOI or reporting purposes.

How long does archiving on Instagram last?

Your Instagram archive in Brolly lasts for as long as your Instagram account is connected into Brolly. While it’s connected, you are archiving in real time.

Every post, every comment, every deletion, every edit. 

Take control of your social media records

Your Brolly archive is not dependent on decisions made by Instagram.  You have access to a record of your activity, no matter what policy changes might be made at Instagram HQ. This gives you peace of mind that you can be compliant with recordkeeping legislation, no matter what. 


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