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Brolly’s Christmas break 2020

The Brolly office will be closed from 21 December 2020 for two weeks. But don’t worry, our wonderful support team will be on deck to support you throughout. Email

Office closed from 21 December.

Back on deck 4 January 2021.

Thanks to all our customers, partners and connections for your support during 2020. It really has been a year of ‘we’re all in this together’! 

The team behind the scenes at Brolly are taking a summer break from 21 December and will be back in the office on 4 January. 

Support will be available throughout

We’ll continue to offer our usual friendly support through this period. Email for help. 

So if you are an existing customer, or using the quiet holiday time to sign up for a free trial, we’re here for you.

Try our self-serve knowledgebase

If you’re happy with DIY support, we have a knowledgebase that you’ll find super helpful!

Visit for lots of self-serve goodness!