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Record keeping while you work from home — it still matters

Here’s a timely reminder that remote and disrupted working conditions are no reason to neglect your recordkeeping obligations.

With businesses all around the country encouraging their staff to work from home where possible, the evidence is in – we’re in this for the long haul.

Here’s a timely reminder that remote and disrupted working conditions are no reason to neglect your recordkeeping obligations.

We’ve prepared a breakdown of what Australian states are saying in websites and newsletters about record keeping if you’re working from home for a government agency. ACT and Northern Territory websites didn’t have any information (that we could find) about what to consider when working from home, so we’ve linked to their general information, which will still be relevant.

Australian Capital Territory

General advice is available on the ACT Government Territory Records Office website

New South Wales

“Currently many of us are working remotely from our usual workplaces. COVID-19 may be disrupting our lives, but we still need to meet our recordkeeping obligations under the State Records Act 1998.

“It’s important to ensure that during this disruption, we make and keep records of our actions, decisions, and communications. Records provide an audit trail that supports organisational decision-making and provides transparency.”

Read more on the State Archives and Records website

Northern Territory

Read general recordkeeping guidance for government agencies on the Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture website


“If you are working from home or remotely, it is important to remember that your recordkeeping responsibilities do not change.”

Read more on the Queensland Government website

South Australia

“Whether you are working from the office or your home, we all have an important role to play both now and for future generations.  Make sure you are continuing to:

  • Make records
  • Keep records and keep them safe
  • Comply with agency working from home and recordkeeping policies and procedures”

Read more on the State Records of South Australia website


“Irrespective of where you may be working from or the software and hardware you are using to enable your work, it is important to ensure the records you create are promptly stored in an appropriate location in your agency, and are visible and readily accessible to all who will need them.”

Read more in the Tasmanian Office of the State Archivist newsletter ‘On The Record’ special edition May 2020


“Whether working remotely occasionally or for a prolonged period, your recordkeeping obligations remain the same.”

Read more on the Public Record office of Victoria website

Western Australia

“The State Records Office of Western Australia (SRO) recognises that State and Local government organisations’ usual Recordkeeping and Information Management operations may be disrupted by COVID-19 responses.

“To assist with planning and implementation of measures to enable critical work to continue, the SRO has produced the advice regarding the management of records of information.”

Read the SRO’s guidance on the State Records Office of WA website

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