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Podcast: social media content as digital records

Brolly Founder Nathan Cram talks about why it’s important to treat social media content as official records. Miktysh Information Transformation podcast.

This week, Brolly Founder Nathan Cram appears on the Miktysh Information Transformation podcast, in discussion with Luke Ivanovic about why it’s important to treat social media content as official records.

Should You Manage Your Social Media Content as Records? – Information Transformation Podcast

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  • We’re noticing a significant increase in social media engagement during the pandemic
  • This is happening for a lot of reasons, but it’s partly because social media has become the one safe option available for people who can’t pop in to visit their local government offices, or other service providers
  • We’re also seeing that sentiment among records managers is changing. The pandemic is shedding a new light on social media its use and um how it aligns to other communication channels that may exist within many organisations
  • There’s a growing realisation that the information being gathered on social media might need to feed into a broader review or auditing process that is already being applied to other types of records.
  • Regulatory bodies at national and state level have already acknowledged that social media content constitutes digital records, and laws have mandated that these records need to be managed.
  • This is a real challenge for many records and information managers as the world of social media is a very different to other, more static, digital records
  • The goal posts and the technology for social media are evolving dramatically, so the key is to make sure that these records are captured or archived in some form – with as much information as possible, as our understanding of what will be required evolves and a social
  • social media posts may look innocent but when you start looking at retention and deletion authorities, social media continues to exist within the public domain, publicly available and accessible.
  • The potential risks in terms of fines or penalties for not archiving materials are greater in the USA and Europe, but based on past regulatory frameworks across other industries, Australia will catch up at some point.
  • How does Brolly help organisations stay compliant within the current legislation and prepared for future requirements?  From the time you connect your social media into Brolly captures and securely stores your content in real time, 24/7  and also does a historical crawl of posts you made before signing up.