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Will your social media records be called into evidence?

It’s 6 months since Australia went into Covid-19 lockdown. Archive your social media records to prepare for the inevitable inquiries and royal commissions.

The twelfth of September 2020 marks six months since Australia went into lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now is a great time to make sure your records are captured and searchable in preparation for the reflection and questions to come. 

Spring cleaning – get your archives in order

Spring is a time of hope and renewal. It’s also the time for spring cleaning and putting things in order. If you’re responsible for the social media in your team, or information management, or risk management, tap into some of that spring energy to ensure your social media archiving is taken care of. 

The idea of enterprise-wide digital transformation can be daunting for those of us working at the coalface. By taking care of social media recordkeeping, you’ll be taking a big bite out of your digital recordkeeping responsibilities. 

Getting ready for data-as-evidence

The inquiries and Royal Commissions have already started and we’re guaranteed to see more.  The response of government, business and individuals to the pandemic has been immediate and fuelled by necessity. Truly a steep learning curve. Inevitably we will need to reflect and investigate our responses, to learn how to respond better if something like this should ever happen again. 

The high profile Special Commission of Inquiry into the Ruby Princess and the Victorian Coroner’s investigation into deaths at St Basil’s aged care home and the Newmarch House COVID-19 Outbreak Independent Review are just three examples of what is likely to be a landslide of investigation. 

Social media archiving built for Australians

For peace of mind, Brolly is Australian owned and operated. Brolly captures all your records in one place, in a searchable feed that can be exported in  a range of formats, including PDF, HTML, CSV and JSON.

A crucial part of your social media management toolkit

As a social media manager, you care about conversations and engagement. See all your posts and comments in a single consolidated feed that can be searched, filtered and tagged.  Set up an alert to receive email notifications when key words or phrases appear in your social media. Originally launched as a social media archiving platform for government, Brolly has evolved into so much more.

Built for social media compliance

Information managers, we know you care about compliance. Record keeping laws are unambiguous. Social media posts are digital records. They need to be managed like any other digital record, but the trouble is they’re not exactly like any other digital record. Once Brolly is connected into your organisation’s social media accounts, your archiving job is simple. Capture complete records, in real time – including media, links and detailed metadata. Brolly gives you a way to stay compliant with no extra effort.

Get in touch to find out more, or even better – sign up to a free trial and see for yourself how Brolly can put a spring in your step.