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Unlock your social potential: 4 must-try tips for success

When was the last time you refreshed your social media? It doesn’t have to be tiresome – here are 4 easy, actionable ways to revive your social media.

4 tips for social media success in 2024

1. Conduct a social media audit

Start by taking a deep dive into your existing content. Identify what’s been hitting the mark and what’s fallen flat. Ask yourself:

  • Which platforms consistently drive website clicks?
  • Are we active on the right platforms to reach our target audience/s?
  • Is our publishing schedule consistent, or are we too reactive?
You may find you’re spreading yourself across too many social platforms and not doing any of them justice. Say goodbye to the ones that aren’t serving you, invest your time into those that will and re-invigorate them with fresh ideas.

2. Update your social media profiles

This is your real estate, so you need to optimise it! Here are some tips:
  • Your display name: is it consistent across your platforms? If not, it should be to strengthen the brand.
  • Profile pictures: usually, a profile picture is a logo but if your logo is complex, simplify it for easy recognition and ensure you use the correct dimensions.
  • Cover photos: this is your chance to make a statement. It could be a call-to-action, a promotion, or something aspirational that reflects your brand. Keep text short and ensure it’s visible on desktop and mobile. Change it occasionally to reflect a campaign or special event.
  • Contact details: are they complete and current? Don’t forget to include your location – users will want to know where to find you.
  • Your bio: should describe who you are, what you do, and why they should follow you. It’s your mini elevator pitch. Try to include relevant keywords and consider including your slogan. You could also add in your latest promotion.
  • Links: it’s important to drive traffic to your website, especially on Instagram and TikTok where you can’t have a clickable link in the caption. A link in bio tool help you create a single landing page (put this link in your bio) with customisable links to specific webpages, guiding your users to where you want them.
  • Review who your account follows: add new profiles that align with your values and remove those who don’t. How you interact with other accounts influences how your account is suggested to others.

3. Refresh your visuals – go for video

Is your content a series of single images with captions? Refresh it and prioritise video. It’s powerful for driving engagement and website traffic. Around 90% of people prefer online video content over other forms of branded content. Short-form video, like TikTok videos and Instagram Reels, is incredibly popular as it’s engaging, and helps increase brand awareness and generates leads. If that’s not where your audience lives, try it on your other platforms. Need some ideas? Review your top blog posts (which you’ll know from Tip #1) and breathe new life into them by creating a video around this topic. Ensure that this clearly ties back to your strategy. A social media content calendar is a game-changer for keeping your content strategic and consistent.

4. Engage with your audience

Have authentic conversations with your audience (think of them as your community) by responding to DMs. It will enhance your presence and customer satisfaction. About 79% of consumers expect brands to respond to their social media messages within 24 hours. While you probably can’t be available 24/7, you can set up Automated Responses to say you’ll respond during office hours. And make sure you do – you’re missing an opportunity and potentially creating an issue if you don’t. A consistent approach to conversations speaks volumes about your brand and potentially your bottom line.
Your social media doesn’t need to be stuck in a rut – it’s never too late for a reboot. By following these 4 tips, you can revitalise your online presence to stay connected and engaged with your audience in 2024 and beyond.