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Have you ever wondered where your social media archive is really stored?

Are your social media records compliant with privacy laws? Knowing where your archives are stored is the first step.

(Hint: ‘in the cloud’ is only half the answer!)

When people say your data is ‘in the cloud’, have you ever wondered where the cloud actually is? It might surprise you to hear that ‘the cloud’ is actually firmly attached to the earth. Data in the cloud is stored in huge banks of servers, in secure, climate controlled facilities. Your archives in Brolly are housed in facilities based in Australia. 

Make privacy a priority this week and every week.”

Privacy and cross-border data

We’ve developed Brolly to be compliant with Australian and New Zealand recordkeeping and privacy laws which also means we’ve considered the Australian Privacy Principles.

Read our security and compliance page for information about how Brolly protects your data with data encryption, DDoS protection, infrastructure and network level security.

According to guidance and advice provided by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), these principles,“set out standards, rights and obligations in relation to handling, holding, accessing and correcting personal information. They apply to Australian Government agencies and many private sector organisations.”

Australian Privacy Principle 8 covers cross-border disclosure of personal information. Cross-border means ‘outside Australia’ in this context. Under APP 8 the steps you must take to protect personal data that’s stored overseas depend on the sensitivity of the information you’re sending, whether it will be ‘used’ or ‘disclosed’ and whether you can be sure that anybody with access to that information is protecting it to the level expected under the Australian Privacy Principles.  

You won’t have control over who can access your data if it’s stored in overseas servers. Additionally, the laws in another country may prevent you accessing your own data. This is an extra level of risk that unnecessarily could expose your organisation to data privacy breaches.

That’s why choosing an Australian social media archiving solution like Brolly makes it easier to be sure your archive protects the privacy of your customers and community.

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