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Brolly provides unexpected savings for council teams

Brolly provides unexpected savings for council teams

A Perth local government authority has achieved compliance with records management legislation, dramatically bolstered its social media search abilities and shaved several hours off its weekly workload, by implementing Brolly.

With a population of over 161,000 and a highly engaged social media audience (35K followers on Facebook), the City of Joondalup is a local government area in the northern area of Perth, Western Australia.

Like most local governments, the City of Joondalup faces stringent compliance requirements on growing social media channels of communication between the City’s administration and its residents and visitors.

According to the City of Joondalup’s CEO Garry Hunt, this principle of transparent communication has created a huge volume of individual records. It was becoming increasingly difficult for the City’s social media team to capture all interactions.

He says, since implementing Brolly, the City has been able to store and readily access social media records for Freedom of Information and other requests.

The offline view allowed the team to zip and store a month’s worth of records with a few mouse clicks, while searching for specific records using keywords has also been improved. Real time records ensure up-to-date information.

Other benefits include the ability to efficiently monitor, capture, store and retrieve social media communications in a manner that complies with the most stringent legislation or FOI requests.