Case study

City of Albany

Find out how City of Albany in Western Australia found recordkeeping peace of mind with Brolly as their social media archiving tool.

The City of Albany is dependent on its social channels to communicate with the public.

Nathan Watson is the City of Albany’s Communications Manager and he understands the importance of social media conversations and how they fit into the larger context of the organisation.

Watson says, “It’s important that we can be part of these conversations and when we do need to get involved, it’s generally a better experience for the community.”

Watson is aware that any engagement the City of Albany generates within the community and any content they publish in the public realm is a record and should be captured as one.

Before Brolly, their small team did this manually by taking screenshots of content and copy-pasting it into spreadsheets, which wasn’t sustainable long-term.

This local government views social engagement as an important part of history and a record of what they’ve achieved.

For Watson “the best benefit of using the system is the confidence we can call on all our records easily and quickly at any time, knowing it’s running in the background and saving the data from all our pages.”

Brolly supports the City of Albany team by capturing their conversations and social media engagements, and making it easier to search for and pull up interactions with the public.

In a small team with public responsibilities, having a social media archiving service like Brolly provides peace of mind.

“It’s easy to search for and pull up interactions within the system and having everything in one feed allows you to see what is happening across all your platforms at the same time.”