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Build adviser confidence with social media archives

If you’re in the business of selling financial products or services then you already understand the concept of a safety net. Brolly provides confidence and mitigates risk.  If you’re having conversations on social media about your products and services, you should be archiving them. As insurance. Against loss. To safely navigate the accelerating pace of change.

trusted where it matters

Be ready for FOI, audits and inquiries

Transparency matters for compliant organisations like yours. What happens when you need to respond quickly to FOI enquiries or provide evidence to inquiries and legal teams?

With Brolly archiving all your records, you’re able to respond and deliver with the minimum of fuss, saving countless hours and without headaches.

Deliver on customer expectations - using social media

A study from Accenture found that 79% of their survey respondents looked for information on social media.

‘search volumes in the first few months of 2020 were 25 to 50 percent higher’. 

Policygenius CEO Jennifer Fitzgerald,  interviewed by McKinsey & Company about insurance searches online.

Perhaps you’re seeing that in your own organisation too. Banking and insurance customers want access to online services, including customer service via social media.  


ASIC says dispute resolution must consider social media

Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s (ASIC) Regulatory Guide RG 271 Internal dispute resolution was issued on 30 July 2020 and will apply for disputes and complaints lodged from 5 October 2021. The regulatory guide acknowledges that complaints received by social media must be considered and managed the same as those received by email or other methods.

Never miss a beat

With your social media all consolidated in one up-to-date archive, see conversations unfold in real time. Tag records that belong together. Set alerts to receive an email when key words or phrases appear in posts and comments.  It’s all there, in real time, for you.

Keep it safe

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter constantly change their policies and introduce new features. Once your social media accounts are connected to Brolly, we take care of those changes for you.

Instant real-time access to records

Archiving is only half the story

There’s no point in creating an archive unless you can access it and retrieve records easily when they are required. The availability of your records completes the picture. 

Make sure you can easily access your archived records, including customer complaints and responses, promotional messages and adviser conversations.  

Brolly gives you 24/7 access to verifiable records complete with metadata, links and media.

And your records are stored on Australian servers, providing peace of mind about data privacy and access under Australian law. 

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