RG 271 and Financial Services: Compliance on Social Media

Does your organisation use social media to speak to customers? Do you have an RG 271 compliant social media strategy in place? With RG 271 regulations in place, having a well mapped out channel strategy for complaint handling on social media is crucial for Australian Financial Services Organisations.

Key takeaways include:

  •  What are the new requirements under RG 271 and how do they impact social media?
  • What are the impacts for Australian financial services social media teams?
  • How RegTech can help your team manage the increased workload brought on by RG 271



Meet the experts

Miriam Zolin

Head of Customer Success, Brolly
Miriam is the Head of Customer Success, based in Melbourne. In her role she speaks daily with organisations using social media to have conversations with their customers. This means she understands the peace of mind that having good systems in place provides.


Annum Sikander

Enterprise Solutions Consultant, Hootsuite
Annum is an enterprise solutions consultant based in Sydney. She works with marketing, customer service and communication teams across APAC to help them align their requirements with social media management solutions.