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Social media records are public records

Public Records Office of Victoria (PROV) has some important information on their website about your obligations when it comes to social media.

See the PROV website for their advice about what to consider when managing social media records.

In times of crisis or emergency, an archive protects your records

Your council’s role is more vital than ever, during floods, fires, pandemics or other emergencies.

Social media is an effective and increasingly popular way to reach out to your community with news, and important information about how to stay safe.

Connect your social media accounts to Brolly and within minutes you’re archiving seamlessly while your social media team gets on with the task of keeping your ratepayers and visitors informed.

Using social media for council business? You need to archive your records.

“The conversations you have with public and the information you publish using social media are public records and need to be collected and stored.”
Victorian Government Use social media – digital guide


Brolly protects your elected councillors

Are your elected councillors & mayor using Facebook pages, Instagram or Twitter in their official role?

If you have councillors using public social media in their roles, archiving should be business as usual. There are also times during an election cycle when you need to think more about social media. 

The caretaker period

During the caretaker period in the lead up to elections, Victorian councils need to follow strict communications guidelines including on social media. During an election, councils must be careful not to publish any content that could impact the outcome or influence electors. For social media teams, this can feel a bit like walking on eggshells.

Brolly’s alerts and tagging make it easy to monitor and manage your social media and maintain a compliant archive of each published post and conversation.

100% Australian

Brolly is a 100% Australian owned and operated social media archiving solution that’s trusted by local government shires and councils in every state. Your valuable data is stored in Australia, which means your archive complies with cross-border requirements of Australian Privacy Principle (APP) 8. Archiving your social media with Brolly also ensures you comply with Victorian Information Privacy Principles outlined in Schedule 1 to the Victorian Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

Councillor onboarding

After elected councillors have been sworn in, add them into Brolly. That way, while your elected officials are doing official business online, their social media records are securely archived in a compliant record. 

If you’re considering adding Councillors into your Brolly archive, these Frequently Asked Questions for elected officials can help  with answers to all the big questions!

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One click compliance

If you’re using social media to conduct council business, you should be archiving those conversations. It’s the law. Connect Brolly to be compliant in minutes.

Cut costs, save time

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