No longer in the dark

Brolly captures everything required to create compliant records from the lifetime of your
social media presence. Social media is more than just text and images – to create a complete, compliant
record the full context of each interaction should be captured.

Social Sources

Brolly utilises a range of new technology to ensure the data from social media applications, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Data Capture

The data is collected from native applications, processed and stored locally using Australia data centres.

Digital Signature

Records are verified through a digital signature, ensuring the integrity and authenticity required in a court of law.

Media Capture

Brolly collects and stores high-resolution media, enabling you to save, export, and playback.

Link Capture

We know websites change, which is why we take a screenshot of any linked websites, so you can see the full context.

Source snapshot

Brolly takes screenshots of the message in the native platform so you see how your post appeared to the public.


Brolly captures conversations, threads, and comments so you can see the complete story.


Brolly captures shares, retweets, and replies so you can have more meaningful conversations with the public.


Brolly connects with third-party systems (such as Hootsuite) to ensure complete capture of approval and work-flow processes.

How Brolly benefits your organisation

Brolly works alongside your team to capture content in real-time. With a unified feed, powerful search and the ability to export your data, Brolly is more than just an archive.

Do you have multiple social media accounts and/or account holders?

Brolly allows you to connect unlimited social accounts and our organisation hub allows you to invite team members.

Are your channels the responsibility of an Australian government or public facing organisation?

Brolly stores your data on Australian based servers, with local support and a helpdesk.

Does the person(s) managing your social media account post on behalf of the organisation?

Recall deleted posts and ensure all edits are easy to reference with Brolly’s real-time social media capture.

Do you provide advice through social media and direct the public to your website for more information?

Brolly takes embedded link screenshots and original source screenshots to provide the full context of each engagement.

Do you engage in business communication (support) through social media?

Brolly provides an aggregated feed and its powerful search makes it easy to view and discover conversations from across your social media channels.

Are your social media posts ever of importance to the public and media?

Brolly captures and stores all conversations, including any rich media.

Are you currently capturing your social media as a manual process (i.e.: storing them in spreadsheets to export them into a record management service)?

Brolly has unlimited archive exports.

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