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A world-first in social content management: Brolly Micro Focus® Content Manager integration

Less hassle. More control. Easier social media content management. Here’s why the Brolly x Micro Focus® Content Manager integration is the solution you didn’t know you needed…until now.

Is your content management becoming content exclusion? 

If your electronic document and records management system (eDRMS) has become a content dumping ground, you’re not alone! 

Many content management systems (CMS), especially those at an enterprise level, become cluttered with unnecessary content, multiple versions and duplicates.  

Add social media records into the mix… it gets more muddled.  

We set out to see how we could simplify and optimise our client’s social media content management. 

Introducing the Brolly x Micro Focus® Content Manager integration! A world-first in selective and automatic synchronising of social media records into an enterprise content management system.   

Why the Brolly x Micro Focus® Content Manager integration makes sense 

Brolly x Content Manager (previously HP TRIM) is the new standard in content management. 

Content Manager is a popular solution for government and large enterprises, ranking #10 worldwide for enterprise content management tools. 

However, it doesn’t automatically update when there is a change to the record. This can be a challenge with dynamic content, like social media. 

Nathan Cram, Brolly’s founder, explains.  

If a social media post from 2019 had a new comment today, how would it be recorded in Content Manager? It wouldn’t unless you manually export it again, using up more storage in the database. 

But you might not want that social content in your CMS in the first place. Our solution allows you to select and streamline the retention of your social content.  

To enable this, we teamed up with Wyldlynx, a leading Micro Focus® Gold Partner and electronic records management specialist. 

How can the Brolly x Content Manager integration benefit you?  

If your organisation already uses Brolly and Content Manager, life is about to get easier. (If you’re not onboard yet, read on to discover why you should be!)
Here are a few reasons why this duo makes content management a cinch.  

 1) You have control 

We designed the integration so you can choose the social records you want in Content Manager. Significant events or achievements can be selected and synced to the database; the less important social posts can stay archived (in Brolly!) 

“Unlike other alternatives on the market, you choose what you want to store in your Content Manager and Brolly does the rest for you,” explains Nathan. 

“And by only sending the key records to Content Manager, you increase the access and discovery of social media within your organisation.” 

2) Complete history of the record  

Every aspect of your selected social media record is automatically sent from Brolly to Content Manager. 

All edits, deletes and comments are recorded and exported in the original format and as a PDF.  

No manual effort is needed – our integration makes easy work of your content management.  

 3) Automatic syncing for up-to-date content 

Not only is past activity recorded, but all future updates are automatically synced. 

Brolly tracks all selected posts for activity and sends regular updates to Content Manager. 

“If a new comment is shared on a 2018 post, it’s captured. If a tweet from 2021 gets re-tweeted, it’s recorded,” explains Nathan. 

With automatic syncing, our solution records everything so you don’t have to. This secure integration avoids content clutter, retains data integrity and ensures your content stays up to date. 

What do you need for the Brolly x Content Manager integration? 

You’ll need an active Brolly subscription and Micro Focus® Content Manager (version 9.x or 10.x). 

If you’re ready to simplify and streamline your social media content management, get in touch for a free demo today!