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Behind the algorithms: automated moderation’s impact on your social media 

Social media is an essential tool for connecting with your community. But lurking beneath this social surface lies a potentially unsocial issue – automated moderation. Are your social media channels at risk?

Picture this: your organisation spends time curating brand-building content for your social media channels. And once you click ‘post’, the public has a (somewhat) free reign to comment. What if they comment inappropriately or share offensive material? It reflects on your brand. So, who safeguards your content? Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly dominant role in social media content moderation. Let’s explore automated moderation, its benefits and how it could also potentially put your social media content at risk. 

Human vs. automated content moderation 

Social media moderation refers to managing and reviewing user-generated content (UGC) and activity on online social platforms. This includes monitoring for: 

Some social media channels are more susceptible to these issues than others. 

Generally, the social media team are responsible for moderating your content. However, doing this manually can be very time-consuming. Here’s where automated moderation, driven by AI, lends a helping hand.  

AI can enable faster, more accurate moderation meaning less subjective review by human moderators. The relentlessness of social media content is where automated moderation can be advantageous. But while it improves efficiency and consistency, it can present risks. 

Benefits and risks of automated content moderation 

Does your organisation have social media community guidelines? These stipulate general rules of conduct on your channel to help deter inappropriate content from being posted in the first instance. Here is an example. But even with these guidelines, users can still post content that, intentionally or not, violates these.  

Here are some types of automated moderation and the pros and cons of each.  

Content moderation is like a screening process. And by understanding the benefits and pitfalls of automated moderation, you can continue sharing your content while being mindful of its mechanisms. Context, transparency and consistency are key.