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How to pause archiving on selected social media accounts

If you need to stop archiving social media accounts that have a set lifespan you can now pause real time capture while the records you have already captured for that account remain in the archive.

You can now pause a social media account in Brolly. 

What does pausing mean?

Pausing means you are no longer capturing new records for the paused account, but the records you have already captured for that account remain in the archive. 

In combination with the ability to set a start date for your archive, this feature now makes it easy to collect an archive for a specified period. 

Archiving for a set period of time

Use pause when you need to archive a social media account for specified period of time:

  1. When connecting the account of an elected official, set the archive to start on the date their term begins. 
  2. Pause the account when their term ends.  

Use pause to ensure your archive contains a complete set of the conversations the elected official had while they were in their role, but not before they started their role, or after they finished in their role.  By using Pause, your organisation remains compliant, and the elected official’s privacy is protected. 

Using the pause feature for councillors and ministers

Our pause function has been designed for organisations that archive social media conversations for public social media accounts being used by elected officials such as councillors or government ministers. 

Using the pause feature for other accounts

You may close an official business social media account down for a range of reasons, for example as a result of portfolio changes or organisation restructures. Accounts that you stop using for any reason are perfect candidates for pausing. When you pause the account, the records you captured when the account was alive and public are securely retained in your archive, giving you access to the records in Brolly’s interface, and ensuring you comply with recordkeeping and other legislation.  

Steps to follow

  1. Log in to Brolly. You will need to have ‘Owner’ or ‘Group owner’ level access to Brolly.
  2. Go to Settings, and view the Accounts tab
  3. Choose the account you want to pause
  4. Click on the three dots next in the right column for the account.
  5. Choose Pause
  6. Pausing an account is a significant decision. You’ll see a message that explains what happens when you pause an account and asks you to confirm your request. If you still want to pause the account, tick the checkbox and press Pause.

Whoops! Need to reconnect?

We understand that sometimes people make mistakes. If you pause an account and then realise you need to reconnect, we can help you with that. Click the three dots … on a paused account and choose Resume archiving. This raises a support ticket and someone from the Brolly team will be in touch to help you reconnect.

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