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Is social media bad for your health?

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn usage was increasing before the Covid-19 pandemic. And in the months since, that usage has gone on to increase even more!  People are seeking advice of all kinds online. For health providers, whether you offer services, products or advice,  that can create all kinds of headaches.  Archiving your social media conversations will help you stay compliant. 

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Are you deleting comments that breach TGA advertising guidelines?

If you’re using social media to promote health services or products, you may need to delete comments that breach Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) advertising guidelines. Once deleted from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, those comments are gone forever, so the only way to keep a record is to archive them before deleting. Wouldn’t you love a way to ensure you’re archiving the comment, and a record of its deletion?

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If you’re using social media to market your product or health service, you should be keeping an archive of everything you delete or hide. Connect Brolly to be compliant in minutes.

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Say goodbye to hours of copying and pasting posts that constantly change. You’ll be fully compliant – and your legal team will thank you.

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What the ACCC says

“You can can respond to comments instead of removing them, but it is possible that your response may not be sufficient to override the false impression made by the original comments. It may be safer to simply remove the comments.”

ACCC on Advertising and promoting your business

Is it better to respond or remove?

As part of their advertising guide, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recommends implementing a social media acceptable use policy. If you’re advertising or promoting health related products you need to monitor and manage reviews, endorsements and testimonials, potentially removing them if they breach guidelines.

That’s quite a bit of monitoring and management. Wouldn’t you like to be able to do that automatically, for peace of mind and total compliance?

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