Social media and your school or college

Building vibrant school communities with social media

Strong links to students, parents, staff, alumni and the community expand student opportunities, improve student outcomes and build strong school communities. Social media is an increasingly important way that schools connect, often via a Facebook page or private and public Facebook groups. For social, historical and legal reasons, it’s important to archive those conversations. 

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Online records are school records

With so many conversations going on, are you capturing the records you need to? 

If social media interactions become heated, volatile or difficult, protect yourself with a record of your conversation. It may be needed as a professional development tool, or worst case, as evidence, to respond to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests or to support the school’s position on a particular topic. Archiving social media has specific challenges, but they’re easy to overcome with a social media first archiving solution like Brolly. 

Be ready for audits and inquiries

We know you value transparency. You want to be able to respond quickly to requests, or if required provide evidence to inquiries. With Brolly archiving all your records, you’re able to respond and deliver with the minimum of fuss, saving countless hours and without headaches.

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Stop! Is it safe to delete that post?

Once deleted from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, a record is gone forever – unless you’re capturing in real time and creating a secure, living archive.  Archiving is the only way to keep a record of a deleted post or comment. Wouldn’t you love a way to ensure you’re archiving the reacord, and the details of its deletion?

One click compliance

If you’re using social media to communicate with students, staff, parents and alumni about school business, you should be keeping an archive of everything you create, edit, delete or hide. Connect Brolly to be compliant in minutes.

Cut costs save time

Say goodbye to hours of copying and pasting posts that constantly change. You’ll be fully compliant – and your legal team will thank you.

Build a rich legacy with a social media archive

Learn from the past. Understand the present. Plan for the future.

Many of the photographs, announcements and news about your school and its community now appear online. Graduations, field trips, awards nights and school plays are all enriched by the images, posts, comments and messages that go with them. You are creating your school’s history every day, and it’s more vibrant than ever. When you archive your social media with Brolly, you create a permanent record that can be stored and maintained by your school archivist, preserving today’s stories for future generations of students. 


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Your role combatting cyberbullying

According to the eSafety Commissioner, 1 in 5 children experience online bullying. 

Bullying activity is not likely to happen on your school’s public social media channels but the eSafety Commissioner advises parents to reach out to the school for support if their child is being bullied.

You might find that parents or students reach out via Facebook messages, Twitter direct messages, or in Facebook groups. Capturing those conversations and requests as they happen could be a critically important part of your role in addressing online bullying at your school. 

Read more about the rise of online bullies.

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