Your social media conversations come with legal responsibilities

A real-time, verifiable archive of all your social media channels provides transparency, accountability and peace of mind.

What happens if…

  • Someone wants to sue your school or college over a comment on a social post that no longer exists, and only they have a screenshot of?
  • Someone has been bullied or harassed online and you need access to the posts to take appropriate action, but they’ve been deleted or edited?
  • You receive a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act?

A Brolly social media archive, captured in real time, can answer these questions, with peace of mind.

Download our white paper to find out why you should be archiving your social media conversations

For educational institutions, social media platforms are part of the education experience and a fact of life for teachers, students and administrators.

Social media channels are also fast becoming places of liability.

Incidents that trigger lawsuits are occurring online, and they require just as much investigation and documentation as any incident that occurs on-site at your institution.

How Brolly can help

  • Keep your records secure
  • Capture actions like deletes and edits in real time for a complete archive
  • Protect your staff and students
  • Monitor compliance

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    A real-time, searchable and verifiable digital archiving solution is not only the better solution, but is fast becoming a necessity.