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Discover Brolly Insights

Discover Brolly Insights, the social media analytics tool giving you meaningful insights to really boost your marketing and make smarter marketing decisions.

Your brand-new social media experience has landed at Brolly!  We’re launching Brolly Insights, the perfect combination of social media archives and analytics; unlocking your data’s potential to take your social media marketing to a whole new level. 

Every time someone interacts with your brand, that’s a data touchpoint. Multiply that by the number of social media accounts you have… that’s a terrific amount of metrics. 

But is this too much data? Not if you know what to do with it.

Noticing customers needed more meaningful metrics from their social media activity, we leveraged the social media archive data to create Insights. Unlocking the data’s potential, Insights reveals key information from all your social accounts through compelling data visualisation.

In other words, get a lot more meaning from your social media analytics.

5 ways Insights can elevate your social media marketing

Our social media archiving tool is a goldmine of data for your business. Insights connects the dots so you can make sense of it, with easy-to-read dashboards and detailed drill-downs.  

Think of it this way; if datasets are the ingredients, Insights is the cake?.

We’ve dived into the top five benefits of Insights and how it can take your marketing to a whole new level.

  1. Really know your audience.

    Publishing social content that doesn’t reach your audience is pointless. Discover when your audience is active and what they’re doing (posting comments, direct messaging) with activity reviews and performance reports. Insights gives your data more context so you can understand your influence and improve your content strategy and scheduling.

  2. Understand what they want.

    What content resonates with your audience? Avoid the guesswork. Insights uncovers what your audience is engaging with and why. Set up notifications or view sortable lists for your top keywords and most engaged audience, and get a deeper understanding of what they want to see from you in future.

  3. Enhance your brand reputation.

    Gauging customer sentiment is vital to understanding customer satisfaction and your brand position. Without it, data can be misleading. Know how people truly feel about your business by digging into the positive, neutral and negative emotions with our sentiment maps. Being attentive and actively responding to social comments (especially the negative ones!) speaks volumes in brand reputation.

  4. Identify keywords and hashtags to act on trends.

    What is your audience talking about? Using AI-driven insights, Insights analyses top keywords and hashtags for a deeper understanding of your audience’s conversations. Quickly uncover hot keywords and hashtags, act on trends and identify any changes or themes in what your customers are talking about.

  5. Quicker, more informed decision making.

    Data visualisation shines the spotlight on your social data so you can quickly understand what it means. Simplicity is key. Perhaps you’ll determine the reason for an uptake in campaign performance or identify any marketing strategy anomalies. Smart decision making enables you to drive more marketing impact and improve your return on investment (ROI).

  6. Supercharge your social media with Brolly Insights

    Get the most out of your social media archives with Brolly Insights. Simply get in touch with our friendly team and discover how you can amplify your analytics for powerful marketing results. 

With Brolly Insights Plus you can take social media analytics to the next level

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