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View and manage your Brolly archive from inside Hootsuite!

Great news for social media superstars who work in any sector that requires compliance with recordkeeping laws. Hootsuite users can now view and monitor their Brolly social media archive from within Hootsuite, without leaving the platform.

You can now add ‘social media archive’ to the list of amazing things possible in Hootsuite.

Social media tools right where you need them

Simply navigate to the Hootsuite App directory and install Brolly for free. Once installed, current Brolly customers can log in from within their Hootsuite streams. If you’re not already using Brolly, you can start a free trial without going anywhere.  

Install Brolly into Hootsuite. 1. Log in 2. Open the app directory 3. Search for Brolly. 4. Install.

Read our user guide for how to use Brolly in Hootsuite

Do I really need need to archive my social media?

Sectors such as financial services, healthcare, government and education must comply with recordkeeping legislation that requires social media records to be captured and retained. Not every post or comment your organisation shares needs to be archived for compliance with legislation and regulations.

Yet while the specific regulations may be different across sectors or legal jurisdictions, they are all consistent in their requirement to archive any record that could be considered a business communication.

If your agency uses social media for business activities, the information created is an Australian Government record and needs to be managed.

National Archives of Australia (NAA)

Local (e.g. state-based) regulations provide guidance about what falls under recordkeeping laws and your records office is the best place to start. For example the Public Records office of Victoria suggests that examples of social media content required to be captured may include:

  • emergency warnings
  • communications activities
  • volunteer recruitment
  • complaints and feedback
  • crowd-sourced policy development

Sectors such as financial services have their own regulatory authorities who provide guidance on which social media records should be archived. For example the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) Article 16 requires that UK Investment Firms keep records of activities that will enable the appropriate authorities to audit and take enforcement actions. Many kinds of social media interactions can fall into this category

Whether an electronic communication is a record does not depend on its format or means of communication, rather it depends upon whether it was sent or received in the course of official business.

Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office

Insurance for your social media records

A Brolly archive protects you in case of events like the recent social media news ban. If your account is compromised, deleted or blocked for any reason, your archive still gives you access to the conversations you’ve had online.

Terms of Service of most social media platforms state that the platform retains the right to permanently remove content at any time. Without an archive, there are no guarantees that social media-based information will remain accessible.

If you will need to access your social media information for two or more years, for business, reporting or legal requirements, should you risk relying on social media platforms to maintain this information for you?

Your organisations may undertake deletions, edits and hides as part of your marketing, brand management or customer service activities. A Brolly archive ensures all these actions are captured, which means you have a complete, real-time record of your team’s social media actions, protecting staff and the organisation in the case of enquiries, legal action or freedom of information requests.

When you delete a post on Twitter or Facebook, it’s gone forever. Capture and retain these records in Brolly to ensure you have a secure, authenticated copy of important conversations and interactions, including those that are no longer visible to the public.

Brolly for insights and analysis

A Brolly archive is about much more than compliance. Brolly provides a complete and consolidated collection of your conversations on connected social media accounts. In the feed, you can search, filter and tag, add notes to support or inform an audit.

Your archive is a great source of business intelligence, campaign insights and industry trends.

Exports in data-friendly formats enable analysis of conversations for insights into how engagement with your campaigns can be improved.

Alerts perform a monitoring role, with an email to your inbox when key words and phrases you specify appear in your Brolly feed.

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How to use the Brolly app in Hootsuite