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Stay on top of social media trends in 2022

Social media trends predict more great things in 2022. What will this year deliver? Find out what the latest social media trends mean for Brolly customers in the year ahead.

Here at Brolly we keep a sharp eye out for the new year updates on social media trends.

The 2022 Social Trends report from Hootsuite is a favourite of ours (and we’re a little bit biased because they’re a partner as well!) and as usual, this year it’s full of great observations.

We’ve compiled some cool ways that Brolly customers can jump on this year’s trends.



“Marketers get creative as consumers wise up to social ads

Consumers are holding brands to a higher standard when it comes to creativity in social advertising—but rewarding those that get it right. As marketers plan to spend more on social ads in 2022, they’ll have to work harder to create ads that mirror and enrich the distinct experience each social network offers.”

View the full Hootsuite report

Performance metrics with Brolly Insights

In 2022 we’re introducing Brolly Insights – a feature that gives you detailed insights into how social media campaigns are performing. Teamed with Brolly features like tagging and the powerful filter bar, Brolly Insights provides powerful dashboards and one-click reporting that give you snapshots and deeper dives into your data. See at a glance what worked, what didn’t and quick ways to improve your ROI.



“Social quietly matures out of the marketing department

Having seen the value of social in marketing, business leaders are buffing up employee advocacy programs, mastering social listening to gather consumer insights, and looking to deliver the kind of impact they’ve seen social have on their marketing elsewhere in their organizations.”

View the full Hootsuite report

ROI calculations need data. Data is what we do.

A social media archive like Brolly is a gold mine of data that you can now tap into anytime. Check out our post on Brolly Insights to find out how to turn your Brolly social media archive into an analytics powerhouse.



“Social marketers rescue their brands from the customer service apocalypse

Amid halting global supply chains and staffing shortages, many businesses can expect an influx of not-so-happy customers in 2022. Meanwhile, demand for customer service over social has been surging. Social media managers now find themselves in an ideal position to play the hero and steer their organizations through the upheaval.”

View the full Hootsuite report

Manage customer feedback with Brolly

The introduction of ASIC’s RG 271 in October 2021 affected financial institutions. We teamed up with Hootsuite to present a webinar that showed customer service teams in that sector how a social media archive can boost your customer service performance.  What we learned during researching supports 100% what the 2022 Social Media Trends report is saying.

If you’re a social media manager or customer service manager who is grappling with the additional workload that this influx of feedback represents, an archive can really help, in very practical ways. Set up alerts so you’re emailed when commonly used keywords and phrases are used in your social media channels. Then simply tag feedback as it comes into your archive through all your social media channels, respond, add notes, then export and email details to staff members who can act and escalate as required. Great customer service happens when people are empowered to provide outstanding and timely responses. And your Brolly archive empowers your team to do just that.

A note about Facebook groups

More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook groups every month!  Social trust and word of mouth are the most powerful marketing tools by far, and customer feedback plays a huge role in how brands fare in the marketplace. Facebook groups are increasingly being used by businesses and government as a way to invite and contribute to feedback.  Local government, for example, has really tapped into Facebook Groups as a way of tapping into authentic (and sometimes robust!) discussions about the services that Council provides.

If your organisation owns a Facebook group that you use to connect with customers, community and employees (or even if you’re just thinking about it!) remember that Brolly can archive Facebook groups, making it a fantastic way to take your customer service and employee advocacy to the next level.

Brolly social media tools are proudly social-media-first

With continuing growth in social media usage across not only marketing but many other areas in all types of organisations, we can expect to see trends emerging and shifting constantly. The last two years of pandemic lockdowns drove people to the internet for information and entertainment – and as restrictions ease, we’re seeing that many are keeping their new online habits, enjoying the benefits of interacting online with brands and services.

At Brolly, we’re proudly social-media-first. That’s why we’ve partnered with Hootsuite and made our app available in their app store. And it’s why we’re launching our Insights feature in 2022. Whether social media is your day-to-day job, or you’re an information manager dealing with the ephemeral nature of these special digital archives, Brolly Insights is about to take your social media records to the next level.

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